Quick announcement…and a favor!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been creating a brand new VIP Platinum Membership plan for Lanes Laire’s Bootcamp and we're getting ready to launch it the first part of March. I'm super-excited about it but need your help. I made this video to share some of the details:

I really want to make the VIP Platinum Membership very special so we are including unlimited access to all our online classes as well as unlimited access to the entire Videos-On-The-Go Courses. We are also including other perks and special offers only VIP's can receive. HOWEVER, before we finalize the membership program, I want to make sure we cover everything...address workout concerns or goals, solve any pain points about membership, and offer things you'd love to have as a VIP member.

Please post your comments and thoughts below and let me know what are two things you would want in a fitness membership or any concerns you have. Here are some ideas to think about......

What keeps you from joining a membership, whether online, at a gym, or even a fitness app?

On the other hand, what is your motivation to join? Perks? Classes? Personality?

What attracts you to a particular workout, class, gym, app?

What are some hesitations about working out in general? Motivation? Self-conscious?

What can we offer you to help you reach your goals, both physically and mentally?

Those are just a few questions that came to mind, however you can answer these or comment on anything else you think of. Your thoughts, ideas and feedback are invaluable and your input will help in the final creation of the VIP Platinum Membership program.

Many thanks for your help! It is greatly appreciated!

Robert A. Lane

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