Turning passions and dreams into reality. My Body & Mind Bootcamp Intensive will get you there!
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Fitness Instructor
Stress Management Facilitator
Motivational Speaker

I’ve been working in the health & fitness realm for well over 12+ years. I am an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, NASM Virtual Coach and also personal trainer as well as facilitator for positive mindset and stress management techniques.


After working in the corporate world for many years and having a life that I thought I wanted, I realized that I was working and being paid to fulfill someone else's dream, not mine. So I left the corporate world and started Lanes Laire's Bootcamp.

In addition to helping people over forty lose weight permanently, I also help produce guided meditation albums with Crimson Lane Experiences, who also sponsors the Body & Mind Bootcamp Intensive.

I get to live my dream by helping people lose weight and most importantly, show them that a life full of confidence and joy is possible. I look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!

Schedule your 10 minute clarity call today and let's get you living the life you always dreamed.

Robert A. Lane
Personal Coach

Helping men and women over 40 lose weight...permanently!