I help busy professionals reduce mental & physical stress without sacrificing work-life balance.

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No energy? no time?No excuses!

Being a busy professional can take its toll on your physical and mental health. Staying on top of your game requires you to be 100% healthy. Ignoring self-care is not an option. The day to day stresses of corporate life can become emotionally draining. If you are not proactive about your health, you will ultimately burn out. 

The truth is, continuing to put off self-care and not creating a viable work-life balance is what got you in the situation you are in now and that's why you feel stuck. 


Having no energy or time is a misconception, or better yet, a false perception. You actually do have the time and if you have the right tools and guidance to improve your time management, reduce stress and get fit physically & mentally, you will be more productive and have a much better laser focused mindset to achieve your goals.


My Body & Mind Intensive is designed to help busy professionals build confidence, alleviate stress and get physically fit permanently through tailored workout routines and integrating mindset and stress management techniques as well as nutrition.

My clients are able to reach their ideal weight, keep it off forever, feel confident and empowered again without taking time away from their already busy schedule. They have energy, both physically and mentally to do the things they want and live the healthy life they deserve.

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Robert's energy and excitement is contagious. He truly cares about his clients and wants them to feel their best! Highly recommend his Body & Mind Intensive!

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You’re an incredible personal coach and I'm so grateful for your 8-week intensive! The workouts you created helped me improve my mind and body. Thank you for giving me hope and a stronger positive mind to push myself to achieve my goals.

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Robert is awesome! This guy doesn't bring the pretentiousness that most workout "gurus" do...he leads by example and actually "works out with you" rather than talk down to you. I got great results and my self confidence is soaring. I feel great!

Robert A. Lane
Personal Coach

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